Halloween 2020 Designer Toy Recap, Part 1

Halloween 2020 designer toy releases surged forth like an army of undead!

Though this year’s spooky celebrations may have been curtailed due to a certain worldwide pandemic, it seems that toy makers everywhere seized the extra time at home to produce a truly astounding number of Halloween 2020 designer toys!

Read on for a selection of toys (in no particular order) that caught our eye this October—if you’re lucky, some of them may still be in stock!

1. Daniel Yu’s Plague Oracle and fufufany’s Bird Doctor

For Halloween 2020, resin-slinger extraordinaire Daniel Yu, and queen-of-cute fufufanny released a collab piece, Bird Doctor, along with Daniel’s solo sculpt, Plague Oracle.

Bird Doctor features a magnetic neck joint and removable hat, while Plague Oracle holds a removable heart. Much like the rest of his amazing body of work, these pieces were hand sculpted, hand cast, and hand painted in incredible detail.

2. Pumpkin Wendy, by Motley Miscreations

halloween 2020 designer toy motley miscreations pumpkin wendy resin
Pumpkin Wendy

Certainly no stranger to the spook, professional artist and sculptor Motley Miscreations dropped a tiny run of Pumpkin Wendy, a Halloween variant of his resin wendigo. Readers may remember the original Wendy sculpt was teased on Halloween 2019, so this year’s pumpkin-headed variant is a sweet way to celebrate Wendy’s first birthday.

3. Angle of Death, by Kotton Factory

halloween 2020 designer toy kotton factory angle of death
Angle of Death!

Kotton Factory, progenitor of the bunny named Robin, dressed her resin rabbit with a cloak and removable sickle this Halloween 2020. Seriously cute, Angle of Death comes in Red Gold and Black Silver variants. Limited to 80 and 150 pieces, respectively, both variants of Angle of Death are hand-painted, translucent resin.

4. Mitoys’ Baby Frank and Baby Duck Halloween set

halloween 2020 designer toys mitoys franks STC edition vinyl

This year, the artist behind Mitoys created a Halloween-themed set of his Baby Duck and Baby Frank characters. Equal parts cute and creepy, this very special, very limited set was made available for members of a secretive toy group and no one else. We can’t reveal any details about this group, but maybe there’s a hint on the toys themselves…

5. Punkin Kaviti, Lockmaw, and many others, by Uhh, Sure Monsters

We recently gave you a look at Uhh, Sure MonstersPunkin Kaviti, but the vinyl vigilante didn’t stop there! Not content with releasing a simple Kaviti or two, the artist unleashed an absolute onslaught of incredible sofubi. Mawclops, Kaviti, Lockmaw, the list goes on… and a select few are still available for purchase here!

6. Grape Brain’s Halloween Pack

halloween 2020 designer toys grape brain halloween pack vinyl

This year, Japan’s Grape Brain released not one, but FIVE Halloween-themed sofubi. Macaroni o’Lantern, Gebo Gebo Ghost, Thrilla Ghost, Halloween Nigiri, and Kamabo Ghost went home to those lucky enough to snag this combo pack.

7. Wondergoblin’s Horrorthons and Beezlebud lottery

Another creator of creepy, Wondergoblin released dozens! of toys for Halloween 2020. Every week of October, Wondergoblin dropped a selection of sofubi during events called Horrorthons. On the docket were Fungoids, Mushies, Manekis, Barbaresses, and many, many others. For a full list, visit the official blog here.

Capping off his Halloween 2020 designer toy releases, Wondergoblin held a lottery for a very special, very dank Beezlebud micro run. A mashup between Budfoot and Boogey Boy, Beezlebud may become a yearly tradition to the Wondergoblin family.

8. I Donut Care (Spooky Edition), by Abell Octavan

halloween 2020 designer toys abell octavan i donut care spoofy edition vinyl

Old school collectors may recognize Abell Octovan as the pop artist responsible for the designer-toyified hands from various cartoon giants. The most famous, perhaps, belonging to a certain donut-loving father of three. For Halloween 2020, I Donut Care is being released in black-and-skeleton, complete with glowing bones.

9. Jiangshi Terracotta, by Daniel Yu x FLABSLAB

Daniel Yu, at it again

Yet another entry by the illustrious Daniel Yu, but this time produced in conjunction with FLABSLAB. The Jiangshi Terracotta are another entry in the line of FLABSLAB’s resin terracotta warriors. Readers may recognize Jiangshi, a mythological Chinese zombie/vampire that has made many appearances in toy form. Check out the Invasion Toys store for our selection of FLABSLAB products, available now!

This has been Part 1 of our Halloween 2020 designer toy release highlights. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!

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