‘Mr. B,’ by GRiZ and Jeremy Madl is Out Now!

Electronic music and designer toys collide with GRiZ’s limited edition Mr. B

Does it smell NFT in here to you?

Who is GRiZ?

DJ superstar, future funk maestro, and now vinyl toy producer, GRiZ (real name Grant Kwiecinski) has just released his first designer collectible, Mr. B! In collaboration with Jeremy Madl of MAD Toy Design, Mr. B is Kwiecinski’s first foray into designer collectibles.

Known around to globe by his performing name, GRiZ, Grant Kwiecinski has been on the EDM radar since 2011 and touring since 2012. He has regularly performed at the biggest venues and events in the electronic music industry and has throngs of adoring fans the world over: GRiZ Fam, as they are known.

GRiZ is one of the true progenitors of the “good vibes only” ethos, calling himself a “sax and bass and good vibes rainbow boy.” Spreading this attitude before it was co-opted by Cricut moms on Etsy and Pinterest, Kwiecinski’s tagline has forever been “Show Love, Spread Love.”

For more about what moves and motivates this DJ powerhouse, you can read this incredible interview here.

What about Mr. B?

Mr. B has been GRiZ’s mascot (and perhaps alter ego?) since at least 2016, and a track called Mr. B featuring Big Gigantic‘s Dominic Lalli made an appearance on his 2013 studio album, Mad Liberation. Though the official lore may be scant, Mr. B has finally taken physical form as a brand new vinyl toy release.

Mr. B is 6 inches tall of high-quality vinyl with a full selection of accessories. He sports a hat, sax, mic, sunglasses, and a joint, and they can all be removed and stashed separately from the bear itself.

Mr. B comes in a high quality display box, with schematics and a large hologram COA on the back. Inside the box is custom foam with cutouts for each individual part of the toy. You can see GRiZ’s unboxing video on his Twitter.

Mr. B is an edition of 504, and is on sale for $99 plus shipping, directly from the GRiZ online shop.

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