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Graffiti Kings’ ‘OG Bitcoin Kid’ Updated Release and NFT Details! [Invasion Exclusive]

Updated release details for OG Bitcoin Kid + Unique NFT, by Graffiti Kings x Invasion Toys!

Just a few more days until we drop our first ever NFT-backed designer toy, OG Bitcoin Kid! A member of the HODL Warriors clan, Bitcoin Kid is an all-original concept spun up by the ineffable Darren Cullen of Graffiti Kings fame!

Bitcoin Kid is the first character related to the upcoming physical and digital collectibles series and soon-to-be NFT game, the Crypto Moonboys.

You can read up on Cullen, the Graffiti Kings, Bitcoin Kid, and the Crypto Moonboys in our extensive previous coverage here.

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  3. OG Bitcoin Kid drop details

1. New OG Bitcoin Kid NFT Details

In our original release article, we said each OG Bitcoin Kid purchased would come with three free NFTs. And though that’s enough to get any NFT collector a bit steamy, the open edition nature of OG Bitcoin Kid would cause the edition size of those NFTs to grow painfully large.

For any non-fungible aficionados out there, that’s, well, pretty lame! So we decided to give everyone what they really want… unique, LE1 NFTs as an add-on for every purchase!

That’s right, each OG Bitcoin Kid can include a completely unique NFT that will never be minted again. No OE NFTs, no LE100 NFTs, just true, verifiable 1-of-1 non-fungible tokens with every applicable OG Bitcoin Kid.

PLUS!! These tokens are actually usable game pieces in the upcoming Crypto Moonboys NFT game, not simple artwork like before.

2. How do I claim my LE1 Bitcoin Kid NFT?

To claim your LE1 NFT, it’s very important that you enter your WAX Wallet Address (something like “XXXXX.wam”) into the “Your WAX Address” field on our site directly preceding checkout.

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Create a WAX wallet at
  2. Purchase at least one OG Bitcoin Kid + NFT from the Invasion Toys shop
  3. Enter your WAX Wallet Address (aka WAX Account Name) in the “Your WAX Address” field of your Shopping Cart page
  4. Check out as usual

(For more info on WAX, their cloud wallet, and WAX NFTs, check out their article here.)

If you DON’T want your NFT, that’s no problem! Select the NFT-less variant from the dropdown menu in our listing and check out as normal!

3. OG Bitcoin Kid Vinyl Drop Details

OG Bitcoin Kid stands 5 inches tall. They are 100% vinyl and 100% hand-painted. Each one comes with a removable baseball bat.

They are open edition and can be purchased with or without a unique NFT usable in the upcoming Crypto Moonboys game.

Bitcoin Kids without NFTs are priced at $50, while those with NFTs are $70. Upcoming Crypto Moonboys NFTs will retail starting at $49 each, so the OG Bitcoin Kid + NFT bundle will net you a solid discount.

OG Bitcoin Kids are pre-order items, with an estimated delivery date of January 2022. NFTs will be deposited in your WAX wallet 2-3 weeks after purchase.

OG Bitcoin Kid presales drop this August 13 @ 11am CST / 5pm BST, only in the Invasion Toys shop!

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