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‘Bitcoin Kid’ NFT + Physical Token Project, by Graffiti Kings x Invasion Toys — Revamped and Rescheduled for Sep. 3! [Invasion News]

The OG Bitcoin Kid vinyl toy and NFT drop has been revamped and pushed back to September 3

Due to hype and demand for our previously-planned OG Bitcoin Kid, we’ve gone back to the drawing board to rethink the release details of this vinyl-backed NFT project.

Though the first iteration had each OG Bitcoin Kid came with an NFT art pack, and the second iteration had LE1 Crypto Moonboys as a $20 add-on, this time we decided to flip it all around.

Bitcoin Kid vinyl variants (no longer just an OG edition!) will now come as FREE physical tokens that can be exchanged for Legendary or Hyper-Legendary Bitcoin Kid NFTs. More on all this below!

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  1. 10k BTC Kid NFTs
  2. BTC Kid Physical Rewards

1. 10,000 Bitcoin Kid NFTs

Instead of art packs and LE1 Moonboys, Graffiti Kings is now going to mint 10,000 Bitcoin Kid NFTs. These 10k NFTs are all unique and are meant to be collected and used with with upcoming Graffiti Kings metaverse game!

Bitcoin Kid NFTs will include Super Rare, Legendary Rare, and Hyper-Legendary Rare tiers with special perks.

The first 10,000 Crypto Moonboys are all Bitcoin Kids and will be mined in the WAX blockchain. 10,000 additional Moonboys are slated to be mined on the ETH blockchain in the future.

This game is still in development, but for now, you can think of it as a old school, turn-based RPG a la Pokémon. Each fighter will have a set of skills, weapons, armor, pets, etc., that will all act as NFTs as well.

So far, there are over 1 billion possible Crypto Moonboys NFTs. Each one includes 7 different layers, with 30+ attributes within each layers. So far, the numbers of those layers are: 32 Clothes, 27 Chains, 17 Faces, 31 Hats, 19 Weapons, 12 Pets, and 289 Backgrounds.

2. Bitcoin Kid vinyl toy reward tiers

Of the 10,000 unique Bitcoin Kids being minted, 10% are Super Rare, 10% are Legendary Rare, and 0.1% are Hyper-Legendary Rare.

  • 10,000 total Bitcoin Kid NFTs
  • 1,000 Super Rare Bitcoin Kid NFTs = 10%
  • 1,000 Legendary Rare Bitcoin Kid NFTs = 10% (burn for vinyl Bitcoin Kid variant)
  • 10 Hyper-Legendary Rare Bitcoin Kid NFTs = 0.01% (burn for hand-painted Bitcoin Kid or resin Bitcoin Pepe)

Those lucky enough to pull Legendary Rares and Hyper-Legendary Rares have the option of keeping the NFTs or burning them in exchange for a Bitcoin Kid (or Bitcoin Pepe!! 🐸) physical token!

There will be 10 unique variants of the vinyl Bitcoin Kid, each with an edition size of 100. We’re also making 5 hand-painted vinyl Bitcoin Kids and 5 hand-painted resin Bitcoin Pepes for those who burn their 0.01% Hyper-Legendary Rares!

To give the devs time to work their magic, this mega-sized Bitcoin Kid NFT + physical token drop has been pushed back to September 3 @ 9am PST, via

Each NFT will cost $50, but much be purchased with WAX coin. You can purchase WAX with a credit card or other crypto directly within your WAX Cloud Wallet. For more info, click here.

Stay tuned for more as it develops!


Graffiti Kings have been working endlessly on Crypto Moonboy assets. As of today, there are 300 backgrounds, 117 outfits, 39 chains, 56 faces, 97 hats, 46 weapons, and 196 pets!! That’s over 67 trillion combinations, excluding the attributes within each asset layer.

We’ll keep updating you as we go. Expect a fancy new website devoted entirely to Crypto Moonboys coming soon!

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