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‘OG Bitcoin Kid’ Is Graffiti Kings’ First Vinyl Crypto Toy + Free NFTs — Coming August 13 [Invasion Exclusive]

Street art legends + vinyl toy + free NFTs = OG Bitcoin Kid!!

We are proud to announce an OG AF addition to our Invader crew! Introducing Graffiti Kings and Bitcoin Kid!! OG Bitcoin Kid is the latest Invasion Toys vinyl figure collab, and oh yeah, and did we mention this one comes with free NFTs has an LE1 NFT add-on? 😉

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1. Who are the Graffiti Kings?

The Graffiti Kings call themselves “a bunch of deluded professional misfits.” They are a power house collective in UK street culture, whose army includes graffiti and street artists, animators, filmmakers, illustrators, DJs and music producers, event planners and marketers.

Recently, the Graffiti Kings have made a hard right into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens, jumping face first into WAX blockchain, Decentraland, Opensea, Rarible, and many other platforms.

They are the creators of the up-and-coming Crypto Moonboys (not to be confused with Crypto Moongirls) that will soon have their own NFT metaverse game. More on this below!

The Graffiti Kings was founded by one Darren Cullen (aka SER). Bringing NYC-inspired street arts to the UK in the 80s, SER has had his own run-ins with the law, while simultaneously becoming the only professional graffiti artists approved by the British government.

As regent of the Graffiti Kings, it seems to be Cullen’s interest in NFTs that’s steered the collective into the NFT metaverse. But when he’s not dabbling in crypto or creating magic on walls, it seems he’s… collecting designer toys!?

So what better way to fuse street, crypto, and collectibles than to create Bitcoin Kid and the Crypto Moonboys?

2. NFT? WTF!?

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token. Though they have wide applications and implications, for our purposes, they are the alignment of blockchain technology and collectible art. For more info, check out Graffiti Kings’ nifty NFT guide here.

You may remember our previous forays into the digital collectibles space with Arman Kendrick‘s Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K or Lava Boy and Dripping Ink by Fluff Riot’s Hausriot. Well this next NFT adventure includes both physical tokens and an upcoming NFT game, the Crypto Moonboys!

3. What’s a Crypto Moonboy??

The Crypto Moonboys are a mythos, digital collectibles series, and will be usable in a soon-to-be NFT game. Take a peek at some exclusive, top secret preview below.

The year is 2030.

The world’s financial institutions that once controlled the government’s stronghold on its citizens have crumbled, leaving only the fractured remnants of a monolithic structure, blotting the scorched landscape.

In the beginning, global leaders gave the order to disarm the populace by issuing martial law across the land… but we fought back.

They dropped bombs to quell the violence… but we fled to the underground.

Society now in disarray, reverted to tribal clans in order to distinguish a means for survival.

Hip Hop became our Gospel.
Crypto became our Currency.
Tracksuits became our Armor.

The streets are a lawless, barren shadow of what once was… but when the great reset comes, who will survive?

We are the Crypto Moonboys.

Moonboys NFTs will be procedurally generated, with up to 30 combinations and 7 different attributes, each with different rarities.

The Moonboys project is in active development, and we invite everyone to join the Graffiti Kings Discord channel to keep up to date, engage with the community, and gain access to free NFT drops!

4. About Bitcoin KiD


Bitcoin Kid is the first of the Crypto Moonboys. He is a part of the HODL Warriors, alongside the Crypto Bulls and Crypto Bears clans. He sports an orange tracksuit, kicks, and a badass bird cap. If that weren’t enough, he’s also got a bitcoin chain and a wicked club to keep those other clans away from his private keys!

As the first of the Crypto Moonboys, we’re bringing Bitcoin Kid into the physical world as an exclusive vinyl toy.

This is the OG colorway and will be sold as an open edition. Each OG Bitcoin Kid comes with three free NFTs, distributed via the WAX blockchain. Collectors can provide their WAX address at time of purchase, and we’ll deposit those NFTs directly into those wallets. can be purchased with a unique Moonboy NFT (read our updated release details here).

Don’t worry, if you forget to include your address, we’ll reach out so your NFTs don’t go unclaimed. If you don’t have a WAX wallet, you can create one for free. The process is fast and simple; all you need is an email address.

All owners of these OG Bitcoin Kid NFTs will also have early access to the upcoming Crypto Moonboys NFT project, so be sure to cop ASAP!

OG Bitcoin Kid is an hand-painted vinyl toy. They will retail for $50 each and will drop August 13! Stay tuned for more developments. We’re definitely not through with the Crypto Moonboys!

[8/10 Update: NFT and other release details have been revamped. Check out our announcement here.]

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