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‘[In]Action Figures 9’ Bootlegs and Ghost Fox’s ‘Camp Hellfire’ Solo Show Start March 13 at the Clutter Gallery [Preview Gallery]

Camp Hellfire, a Ghost Fox Toys solo show

Our readers already know how we feel about creepy, cute, and creepy-cute toys, so for us, this one is already a hit! Check out Camp Hellfire, Ghost Fox ToysClutter Gallery solo show!

Ghost Fox Toys is an artist duo with a penchant for creepy-cute toys and customs, and this show is no different. Inspired by slasher flicks and horror films of the 70’s and 80’s, these customs lean heavily into that Stranger Things aesthetic, and we. Are. In. Love.

Check out our preview gallery of Ghost Fox’s summer camp collection below.

[In]Action Figures 9

inaction figures header

In the toy industry, bootlegs have a long and storied past, and what better way to honor that history than with the Clutter Gallery’s [In]Action Figures 9! This upcoming toy show is the ninth installment of hand-made bootlegs, with toys by some of our favorites, like czee13, UMEtoys, and more.

Elevating the art of action figures/bootlegs to its rightful place as a primal and direct art form. The acts of bootlegging gives the artists voice a pure channel to viewer, unedited and with an honesty impossible to mimic in other art toy formats.

Cluttery Gallery

Take a look below at selected figures from the myriad of new and returning artists participating in the exhibit! While bootlegs can take any shape or form, here are three ways to breakout some of the teased figures being showcased.

These bootleg figures are taking characters from movies, TV, and even books to give them a form.

2. Original Creation Bootleg Figures

Bootlegs are also known for assembling something new out of the parts of others! While some may be based off a certain franchise, these bootlegs don’t quite make it into the canon of any story or media.

3. Star Wars Bootleg Figures

Finally, the Star Wars bootlegs deserve their own entire section! The Star Wars themed poster is concurrent with the large amount of bootleg figures from the franchise being shown.

A Mystery Remains!

Who is the four armed silhouette gracing announcement poster?

What maniacal character is striking this powerful pose?

We look forward to finding out at the Clutter Gallery’s show in Beacon, New York!

Both shows open in-person on March 13 @ 6pm EST at the Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508.

Online sales will start on March 13 @ 12pm (noon) EST for preview list subscribers.

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