‘Joe Dungbug Tracking Project’ is fufufanny’s International Treasure Hunt!

The Joe Dungbug Tracking Project is fufufanny’s international scavenger hunt. Where Will They Pop Up Next?

Calling all collectors! The Joe Dungbug Tracking Project by artist Fufufanny is currently underway, and it might be the most exciting drop of all time! There are a total of 25 unique Joe Dungbugs, and most are being hidden one at a time in cities around the world.

A basket of Dungbugs
The world’s cutest scavenger hunt has begun!

A total of 10 Joe Dungbugs will be given to chosen “Observant Feeders,” and the rest will be part of the Finders Keepers event. In this event, Dungbugs are being hidden in cities around the world; anyone who finds one gets to keep it… for free!

Each of these LE1 Joe Dungbugs includes a QR code and a randomly numbered tracking ring around one of its antennae. Those who are lucky enough to find a Dungbug are encouraged to post to Facebook or Instagram with the tags #JoeDungbug, #dungpushinglife, and #fufufanny.

While most of these IRL treasure hunts have happened in eastern Asia so far, the latest was just found in Ashbury, California.

So far, these 16 Joe Dungbugs have found their Observant Feeders:

  • 001 – Beijing, China
  • 003 – Sanghai, China
  • 006 – Hong Kong
  • 007 – Taipei, Taiwan
  • 010 – Taipei, Taiwan
  • 012 – Singapore
  • 015 – Beijing, China
  • 017 – Taipei, Taiwan
  • 022 – Taipei, Taiwan
  • 023 – Taichung Taiwan
  • 025 – Ashbury, China
  • 026 – Malaysia
  • 030 – Taipei, Taiwan
  • 031 – Singapore
  • 034 – Hangzhou, China
  • 035 – Beijing, China
Joe Dungbug Tracking Project
Dungbug Object 031, given to chosen feeder ZekeZachZoom in Singapore.

Where will the next Joe Dungbug be found? Follow Fufufanny’s Instagram to stay updated as the treasure hunt continues!

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