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The First Official Invasion Toys NFTs Go Live This Saturday!

The first official Invasion Toys NFTs feature art by Fluff Riot’s Hausriot!

Just a few days ago, we helped bring Arman Kendrick‘s first NFT into the world; now, we’ve created the official Invasion Toys Foundation account, where we’ll be dropping TWO NFTs at the same time! Ain’t that nifty? 😉

invasion toys foundation nft account page

What are NFTs?

If you don’t remember, NFTs (non-fungible tokens, or token) are the fusing of digital collectibles with blockchain technology. What this means, is that each individual NFT can only be truly owned by a single individual, as verified by Ethereum‘s public ledger.

There is, theoretically, no way to cheat this system, as the public ledger is synced between thousands of users (nodes). This is the core concept behind blockchain technology. Thus, even though you can make infinite copies of an NFT’s digital file, there is only ever one NFT owned by one person.

cryptopunks nft stats
Lifetime stats for CryptoPunks, the world’s first NFTs

If you’ve heard of CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, or maybe Beeples $69M Christie’s auction, then you’ve heard of NFTs.

So about those Invasion Toys NFTs…

We’re so glad you asked! For our NFT genesis (and his!), we’re releasing two animated works by Hausriot. You may recognize him as one half of the punky-cute duo known as Fluff Riot!

Hausriot (real name Taylor Bowen) is a multimedia artist who explores themes centered around the human condition. From the mental, to the emotional, to the addictions we use to escape from reality, Bowen employs illustration and animation to tug at the psyche.

Lava Boy
Dripping Ink

Hausriot’s two Invasion Toys NFTs are titled Lava Boy and Dripping Ink. They are each an edition of one.

Lava Boy represents the burdens we carry that leave us paralyzed, while strength leaks out of us. Dripping Ink is an homage to that old-school NYC (of which Bowen is born and bred), oozing with character and personality.

How do I add the Invasion Toys NFTs to my collection?

Both NFTs will be auctioned and go live this Saturday on the Foundation NFT marketplace. Once they receive their first bid, the auctions will remain open for 24 hours, with a 15-minute sniper rule.

invasion toys dripping ink nft by hausriot

Foundation auctions are publicly viewable (no account necessary), but to bid on a piece, you’ll need a MetaMask Ethereum wallet, and enough ETH to cover both your bid and the associated transaction fee (“gas”).

The ETH you use to bid will be removed from your wallet and placed in escrow, but is returned to your wallet if you are outbid. Unfortunately, the gas fee is not returned, as it belongs to the Ethereum network.

For more information, you can check out Foundation’s handy article.

Best of luck to any bidders, and welcome to the revolution.

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