An Up-Close Look At the New Chibi ‘Mira’ By Deri637

Mira is entering a whole new world

Firmly hold onto your spaceships, folks! As yet another resin sci-fi masterpiece is in the works from Deri637. Now freshly equipped with smaller features and even bigger heart, this smaller-than-ever chibi Mira teaser shot from Deri637’s Instagram has us stopped in our tracks.

The sculptural form and new design is out of this world, whilst still retaining all of her unique and striking features. Just look at these super-secret, sneak-peak, and ultra-behind-the-scenes progress shots! Aptly showing Deri637’s progress, Mira’s size and versatility effortlessly blends in with other chibi toys. Such fun!

Will we see more of Deri637‘s awesome colour-ways on the new, super-cute chibi Mira? When are they releasing? Can we buy all of them!? So many questions!! Rest assured, we will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything. For now, all we know is that we absolutely love this new direction for Mira.

To keep your curious minds at ease, we also have an exclusive look at a pixelated art version of chibi Mira from artist Fingiorno, showing off a possible colour-way. How cool is that?

Digital Pixel Illustration of Chibi Mira!

Mira has made a splash in the toy industry ever since she landed in her original form, and luckily, we at Invasion carry some exclusive Mira goodness, available now! Grab yours before it’s too late! Check out the Invasion Toys store for more info.

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