‘Dega’s Dead Teq’ and ‘OG General Trahn’ — FU-Stamps (and Quiccs!) Smacking Us With a One-Two Punch!

Rios Toy Designs dropping a second variant of Sensei General Trahn, and the much-anticipated Quiccs collab, Dega’s Dead Teq

Rios Toy Designs keeps on killing it with his FU-Stamps universe. Next on the agenda: Dega’s Dead Teq and OG Sensei General Trahn.

Hitting the designer toy scene in 2018 with his Bodega Blade, Rios Toy Designs (real name Rios Palante) is no stranger to collectibles. Preceding that release, Palante has worked as a professional artist and illustrator, and as a toy designer with Mattel, Fisher Price, and others. Bodega Blade and the rest of the FU-Stamps world is, however, uniquely Palante’s.

fu-stamps lineup with general trahn bodega blade demonio screwface and baby renzo
The FU-Stamps crew so far

A portmanteau of kung fu and food stamps, FU-Stamps is a distinctly New York universe created as a way to subvert the negativity around food stamps, and elevate them into a sort of cultural heritage that the artist grew up with. And thus, FU-Stamps was born! — the kids and their master (and their baby kaiju?!) that protect their neighborhood bodega from the bad guys.

Sensei General Trahn, the OG

Just yesterday, Palante announced OG Sensei General Trahn, the second ever variant of the Fu-Stamps mentor. This version sports some silver kicks, and an all-blue gi. Much like his previous iteration, OG Sensei features a long braid tipped with a fisted mace and a jug of wine that can be hooked on his finger.

Pre-orders for OG General Trahn will be opened during the Designer Con 2020 online event on November 13th, 12pm EST. He is fully resin and stands 8 inches tall. No word on the price or production number quite yet.

Dega’s Dead teasers

First teasing the idea over a year ago, Rios Toy Designs sent the designer toy world into a frenzy this past week by releasing previews of Dega’s Dead Teq, his collab piece with Quiccs. Though his first post didn’t reveal much, his second really caught our attention!

From what we can see, Dega’s Dead Teq is a mash-up of Palante’s Bodega Blade and Quiccs’ TEQ63. He’s got some Adidas kicks and threads, an orange-lined parka, and the signature Gundam-likeTEQ63 helmet (with straight-razor fins??). Our favorite part, however, is the badass sword and the bionic hand that grips it. SO. COOL.

Palante was gracious enough to tell us Dega’s Dead will be 7 inches tall, full resin, and comes in a deluxe box set (H/T Mattew Chong). Other than that, not much is known, as Palante is staying mum.

More on this as it develops! For now, follow Rios Toy Designs and Invasion News for updates.

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