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DCon 2020: How It Works & Pre-Release Mega Gallery

DCon goes virtual for 2020!

DCon 2020 is just THREE (or two!) days away! And though we would love to be there in person, a certain global pandemic rages on like an angry kaiju. So in the interest of keeping everyone safe, this year’s Designer Con has partnered with Popshop Live to bring the convention to the fans!

Though DCon 2020 x Popshop Live might feel confusing and unfamiliar because, well, it is… have no fear! We at Invasion Toys News have done our best to distill all the info and condense it into a single article. Aren’t you lucky!

How DCon 2020 works

For many of us out there who have never used Popshop Live, DCon 2020 feels like a foray into the strange, futuristic world of streamed events. Indeed, the organizers at DCon tip their hat to this concept, as this year’s theme is Back to the Future — Where we’re going, we don’t need halls. 

Much like previous years, DCon 2020 has both VIP and GA tiers. VIP is $65 and includes exclusive goodies (a 100% Bearbrick , enamel pin, VIP badge, and DCon Mini Sharpie) and access to DCon a day before everyone else. GA is an easy $10 and includes access to the event on Saturday and Sunday.

There are two methods to access this year’s DCon: Popshop’s iOS app, or their dedicated DCon webpage. No Android support is available at this time (ugh!).

For iOS users:

  1. Download the Popshop – Live Shopping app here
  2. Sign up for Popshop using your phone number or Facebook account
  3. Activate your Popshop account using code: DC2020
  4. Purchase your DCon ticket

For everyone else:

  1. Go to and create or log into your Popshop account
  2. Purchase your DCon ticket

Once your ticket is purchased, DCon 2020 can be accessed via the Popshop Live app or webpage when the event is live. Times correspond to ticket tier: VIP has an extra day of access on Friday, and an extra hour of access on Saturday morning.

VIP times:

  1. Friday, November 13: 5pm – 9pm PST
  2. Saturday, November 14: 9am – 6pm PST
  3. Sunday, November 15: 10am – 5pm PST

GA times:

  1. Saturday, November 14: 10am – 6pm PST
  2. Sunday, November 15: 10am – 5pm PST

Once the event starts, users will be able to access the live feeds of every artist and retailer throughout the day. Items can be purchased directly in those channels, all without having to click away. A full list of vendors can be found here.

Unfortunately, there is no official schedule available at this time, but some retailers like Strangecat Toys and My Plastic Heart have posted their time slots.

DCON 2020 Previews

With over 100 names on the list, this year’s DCON is going to be pretty busy! Artist and vendors all over the world have been teasing their exclusives, and we at Invasion Toys News have been taking note. Check out the gallery below for a taste of what’s in store.

Excited for DCON? Got your eyes on any exclusives? Leave a comment below!

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