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‘It Was All A Dream’ and ‘Mind The Mess,’ a 5thTurtle Double Feature! At the Clutter Gallery, April 10th at 2PM EST! [Preview Mega Gallery]

It Was All A Dream will feature 35 artists, taking place alongside Mind The Mess, a solo show by 5thTurtle!

My what a busy year it has been over at the Clutter Gallery, and this time around, we get to see the talented 5thTurtle (real name Carlos Benitez) in not one, but TWO shows: It Was All a Dream and Mind the Mess

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, take a look at our 5thTurtle artist spotlight; for the rest of you diehard fans, lets dive into the shows!

Mind the Mess solo show

Angies and Chambas galore! Mind The Mess is 5thTurtle’s first solo show and showcases a variety of his original characters.  Between one-offs and extremely limited runs, it’s clear that Benitez has come prepared!

It Was All a Dream custom show

It Was All A Dream packs a whopping 35 artists!  This show centers around 5thTurtle’s character the Dead Dreamer. Artists from around the world have come together to put their own spin on the Dead Dreamer and the results are truly spectacular.

The artist list features heavy hitters such as Arman Kendrick, Mr. Kumkum, Wetworks, Quiccs, Creon Chkn Head, and Klav9, as well as house favorites, like Fat Dragon, Bunny Mischief, Ghost Fox Toys, Markingboy, and more! It’s seriously a jam-packed lineup!

All the pieces from both It Was All A Dream and Mind The Mess will go on sale on April 10 @ 2pm EST through Clutter’s preview list so make sure you go sign up TODAY!

Emails will go out in the morning with the link to the show.  The pieces will also be on display at Clutter Gallery until April 30th, so if you are in the area go take a look for yourself!


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