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‘TT05: CARBINE OG,’ by RLUX Customs x CHK DSK, Joins the Invasion!

Missed the pre-order? We’ve got you covered! TT05: CARBINE OG available from Invasion Toys now!


Way back in September 2020, CHK DSK, godfather of the Mecha Will Rise tribe, dropped a teaser for his TT05: CARBINE OG. In early 2021, TT05 was brought into the third dimension with the help of RLUX Customs.

This piece was the subject of a one week pre-order event directly from the RLUX Customs webshop, and has since been unattainable elsewhere… Until now!

Always looking out for our fellow collectors, we managed to secure an extremely limited allotment of these figures. In fact, this is the last batch that can be had for retail price. Don’t miss out!

About RLUX Customs and CHK DSK

RLUX Customs is design studio based in the Philippines. They have worked extensively with both CHK DSK and Quiccs, and are best known for their high quality resin/composite face masks. You may recognize them as the creators of the TEQ63 Tactical Halfmask from SS2020.

rlux customs teq63 technical half mask
TEQ63 Tactical Halfmask

CHK DSK needs no introduction. He is the creator of the nefarious Mecha Will Rise tribe, the mortal enemy of Quiccs’ Bulletpunk crew. For more about Carbine and MWR’s quest towards a dystopian singularity, check out our original Invasion of Carbine article.


TT05: CARBINE OG, aka Carbine OG Blue, sports CHK DSK’s iconic Carbine head, while the body and akimbo stance is by RLUX Customs. TT05 is decked out in blue Adidas wear, with CHK DSK and RLUX branding on the jacket.

Each figurine comes in a custom display box, labeled with a TT05 blueprint sticker. In addition to the toy and protective foam, every unit includes a numbered certificate of authenticity and TT05 sticker. (To see what we’re talking about, check out the unboxing video at the end of this article.)

CARBINE OG is hand painted and handmade, with an edition size of 100. It is all resin and stands 3 inches tall. They cost $60 each, plus shipping and can be purchased from our store here.

Our allotment is very limited, but they are in-hand and ready to ship. That’s right, not a pre-order!

If you’re itching to get your hands on some other wicked Carbine gear, check out the Invasion Exclusive Invasion of Carbine ! We have a tiny number of units left, and they can be purchase here.

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