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‘Invasion of Carbine’ Resin figure, Proudly Brought To You by CHK DSK x Invasion Toys [Invasion Exclusive!]

Invasion Toys and CHK DSK proudly present: ‘Invasion of Carbine’!

Rejoice! The newest entry into the Bulletpunk universe is here! And this time he’s sporting some oddly familiar colors… hmm… Now presenting: Invasion of Carbine!

After months of teamwork, we at Invasion Toys have come together with CHK DSK (real name Niel Marcelino) to bring you the newest iteration of Marcelino’s character, Carbine. And this time, he’s sporting some slick threads in our favorite colors.

invasion of carbine chk dsk front view

According to CHK DSK, Carbine is an elite soldier and cyberpunk riffraff who comes from the year 2050. Technically human, he’s been enhanced to become a living weapon! Along with his choice of techy streetwear, Carbine also comes equipped with cybernetic arms and helmet to enhance his abilities with his weapon of choice… the carbine!

Marcelino’s main character belongs to the Mecha Will Rise tribe, a group of humans who wish to enhance themselves past the point of singularity and become 100% machine. They have allied themselves with the machines to help eradicate all traces of humanity, and in return, be made fully synthetic. Thus, Carbine spearheads the extermination effort against TEQ63 and the remaining human survivors of NEO ASIA. Will they succeed? Only time will tell!

chk dsk invasion of carbine flat lay
Carbine is coming!

Niel Marcelino is designer and illustrator based in the Philippines. He has extensive experience in the toy industry, as well as illustration, digital art, and 3D modelling. Readers have no doubt experienced his work in the form of Sharko and Remi, which is his direct collab with Quiccs.

chk dsk invasion of carbine trio
TEQ63, your days are numbered!

Invasion of Carbine is the cybernetic lovechild of CHK DSK and us at Invasion Toys. Inspired by the Invasion Toys logo, Invasion of Carbine dons some snazzy green, white, and black gear.

Invasion of Carbine is 3 inches tall and made of resin. Each piece is hand made and painted by the artist. We can’t tell you the price, edition size, or release date quite yet, but word on the street is that the drop will be some time next month. Stay tuned for updates!

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