With Her ‘Onigiri Boi’, Bunny Mischief Brings Us Three New Toys for a Good Cause!

Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year drops to help Support the Cause Against Anti-Asian Violence

With Chinese Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day upon us, it is great to see some new toys that celebrate both occasions!  Bunny Mischief, who has already dropped one round of goodies last week, is back at it with new toys that will surely bring you luck and love this year! 

This time, a portion of all sales today will go towards the Support the Cause Against Anti-Asian Violence GoFundMe.  Let’s go get some new toys and support a great cause!

1. Onigiri Boy: Falling For You

For Valentine’s Day, Bunny Mischief has created a one-off of her character; Onigiri Boi: Fallen For You uses the 4” Onigiri Boi that’s literally falling!  The visual of the character going splat is both charming and cute and will definitely make a unique addition to your shelf.

2. Lucky Pocket

Lucky Pocket comes with gold onigiri boi and stickers
A look inside the Lucky Pocket

On the Lunar New Year side, we see the return of the Lucky Pocket, which sold out last week!  The Lucky Pocket will include a Lunar New Year Onigiri and Slugshimi sticker as well as the debut of a 1” Gold Nugget Onigiri Boi

3. Onigiri Boy: Beefy

The final piece being released in this drop is Beefy!  This 3” Onigiri Boi sports the traditional red and gold many wear for Lunar New Year! With horns and a delectable t-bone steak hanging from his head, Beefy is ready to usher in the Year of the Ox!

All 3 items will be released on Bunny Mischief’s site on Friday the 12th at 2pm EST.  There are only 6 Beefys at $35 a piece, and 5 Lucky Pockets at $5 a piece, so make sure to act quick!  

If you do not happen to land these though, keep in mind that a portion of ALL sales on her shop on Friday will go towards supporting against anti-Asian violence!

To donate directly to the Cause Against Anti-Asian Violence, you can visit the GoFundMe page directly. The organizations supported by the Cause can be found below.

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