‘Blankos Block Party’ Announces Quiccs Collab, Early Access, And Much More!

Designer Toy Inspired Game Blankos Block Party Made Waves at E3!

Blankos Block Party made a surprise announcement at E3 and have spilled the beans on the designer toys multiplayer game! We had previously noted that Blankos was up and running as an open beta, but now fans can jump in for early access!

Quiccs x Blankos Block Party

Even more, Quiccs, the designer toy juggernaut, is partnering with the game! It was revealed that TEQ63 will be coming to Blankos Block Party, but we currently do not know when. However, fans are able to get a glimpse of how it looks in-game, so it’s enough to get hyped about!

Other designer toy artist collaborations announced include Blankos by heavy hitters such as Grand Chamaco, Michael Lau, Thomas Han, Junko Mizuno, and Hackatao.

Blankos’ Upcoming Brand Collabs

Adding onto this, Blankos are having various other collaborations. First of all, with the world-renown deadmau5! Initially this may seem like an odd collab, but deadmau5 was one of the first celebrities to jump into NFTs, which form the game’s basis. Even better, deadmau5 is an avid vinyl toy collector!

Another upcoming collaboration is with fashion brand Burberry. Currently there is no reveal of the game assets themselves, but the estimated drop date is some time this summer. This is only speculative, but given their iconic plaids and contemporary heritage styles, we expect something in this direction!

The final collaboration is with The Marathon Clothing which is set to bring more hip hop and street art stylings to the Blankos universe. The collab is intending to also honour founder and late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Again, the assets haven’t been revealed yet, but they’re coming later this year!

Blankos Bullseye by Nicky Davis Promo
Blankos Bullseye by Nicky Davis

Mythical Games, the publisher behind Blankos Block Party is certainly not holding back, as the game is now heading full-steam to blend the designer toys and gaming scene!

Blankos is a free to play open world multiplayer game, but also works for solo gaming! For now, the Blankos Block Party early access is only available on PC.

You can download the Blankos launcher here to start your new digital collection!

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