‘Fairy Souls Crystal Edition’ Is Here To Spellbind You, By Bear In Mind Toys!

Bear In Mind Toys’ Fairy Souls: Crystal Edition is available to pre-order!

Prepare to be mystified by Bear In Mind Toys‘ latest release, the Crystal Edition from their Fairy Souls collection. And what a way to kick off the new year! Bear In Mind Toys have made it almost impossible for fantasy fans not to be enchanted by this edition!

Fairy Souls Crystal Bear In Mind Toys Promo

Don’t catch a chill! The Crystal Fairy Souls features a range of cold blue colors which are beautifully projected into the design. There is a range of translucent and opaque vinyl used in the sculpt. This brilliantly highlights the mystical and supernatural theme of the toy! Bear In Mind Toys included a crisply designed crystal pattern and other details on the face which add plenty of character to the bewitching figure.

Bear In Mind Toys is still relatively new to the designer toys scene, having released the first edition of Tooth Off in 2019. Since then, Tooth Off has become a series featuring all sorts of creative ideas from a banana theme to a skeleton!

The first Fairy Souls toy, the Fire Edition was released in the summer of 2020 which went on to sell out! Fairy Souls Crystal Edition is the polar opposite in terms of the theme, taking away the warm fiery colors and opting for cool icy tones. We love the elemental theme Bear In Mind Toys is taking with the Fairy Souls series.

Fairy Souls Crystal Bear In Mind Toys Back Promo

Fairy Souls is made of soft vinyl and stands at 6” tall. The toy is limited edition of 25 pieces and will be shipped in the middle of February. Bear In Mind Toys’ Crystal Edition will cost 480HKD (approx. $61) with free local shipping or $5 for shipping overseas.

Fairy Souls Crystal Edition is available to pre-order now on Bear In Mind Toys’ website, so get it now before it takes flight!

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