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From the Multiverse of Collectors, Nerds, & Paranormal fanatics.
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Hi there! I'm Emily, I'm an illustrator and convention artist based out of the mid-western United States. My view on toys collectables comes in large part from my experience with conventions =)
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Jacques here and I, for one, can't wait for the solarpunk mecha future 🤖 I love comics, Pokémon, and collectibles!
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Joey is a modern renaissance man. He is a human beatbox artist, a toy collector, a customizer of Gundams, a stand-up comedian, and a writer.
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Collector. Nerd. Foodie. Pop Culture Aficionado.
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Hi, I'm TJ! I'm an avid collector of art toys and action figures. I'm also passionate about toy photography. A big kid, really.
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