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‘MADBOX 30’ Online Custom Show Rings in UNBOX GH’s Grand Opening, June 24-30 — by ArtcadeJL x Art Toys PH x UNBOX GH

With help from over 30 contributing artists, ArtcadeJL’s MADBOX 30 is UNBOX Greenhills’ first official event

In collaboration with Art Toys PH and to celebrate the production of his newest sculpt, ArtcadeJL brings us MADBOX 30, an online (and in-person) custom toy show! MADBOX 30 will run from June 24 to 30 at the brand new UNBOX GH shared collector’s space.

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Who is ArtcadeJL?

ArtcadeJL (real name JL Marfori) is a graphic designer, animator, and artist hailing from the Land of the Morning. Readers may remember him from our State of the TEQ March 2021 edition, or from any number of his awesome customs.

When not working as a senior editor in the advertising world, Marfori is busy expanding the Mobileverse, the all-original universe that is home to his art toy characters. So far, those characters are DJ Mobile, Emcee Sewage, Madbox, Jabbawockidz, and Sole Surfer.

As of now, only DJ Mobile, Emcee Sewage, and Madbox have been immortalized in 3D form. According to ArcadeJL, Jabbawockidz, and Sole Surfer will see similar treatment some time in the future.

What is UNBOX GH?

UNBOX GH is a brand-new, shared retailing space located in the Greenhills Mall in San Juan, Philippines. It is touted as “the very first digital live selling hall in the [Philippines]” (maybe something like Popshop Live?).

Not to be confused with Unbox Industries, UNBOX GH is a project spearheaded by Pop n’ Shop and Project 7 to 1. This 478m2 storefront is a decentralized retailing space for anyone wheeling and dealing in collectibles.

UNBOX GH has over 170 glass display cabinets for rent, 9 vending booths, space for food carts and a café, and even a balcony dining area.

Individuals may rent display cases and use them as their personal storefront. UNBOX GH will only allow the sale of collectibles out of those cabinets: “Trading Cards, Collectible Toys, Apparel, Sneakers, Magazine, Vinyl Records, Die-cast Figures, Collectible figures/ceramics, Coins, Comic Book, Stamps, Watches, and Gadgets” are all allowed.

To apply for a cabinet position, fill out this form.

What is MADBOX 30?

MADBOX 30 is an ArtcadeJL original event put on in collaboration with Art Toys PH and over 30 other artists. Those artists have all created custom one-offs of ArtcadeJL’s Madbox character.

Madbox is a living boombox from the Mobileverse. According to the lore, a young DJ Mobile listened to his favorite music through Madbox in the early days. According to ArtcadeJL, Madbox is also a means towards collaboration with other artists.

Artists participating in MADBOX 30 include house favorites like CHK DSK, Wetworks, Slim Sulit, and Lab Monkeys. The lineup also includes powerhouses and celebrities like Oodplex, Jed Madela / MADD Creatives, and NEVS.

Madbox is an all-resin art toy measuring 4 inches tall and 7 inches across. According to the organizers, each custom Madbox is accompanied by its own curated music. CHK DSK’s custom even comes with a bluetooth speaker to really pump those tunes.

Other than the custom toys, MADBOX 30 “will also showcase exclusive show prints, t-shirts in collaboration with Instinct Studios, first preview prototypes, shoe custom, stickers and more.”

MADBOX 30 runs in-person, June 24-30, at UNBOX GH in the Greenhills Mall. Online auctions will be held June 28-30 via the Art Toys PH website.

Here are a few of the customs that will be at the show:

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