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‘Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K’ NFT Auction, by Arman Kendrick x Invasion Toys, Only On!

Arman Kendrick’s Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K NFT is now up for auction at

Invasion Toys is proud to introduce Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K! Crypto HODLing designer toy collectors everywhere, rejoice! This is our first foray into NFT space, hand in hand with none other than the acclaimed Arman Kendrick!

Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K NFT minting page

What are NFTs?

For those who don’t know, NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are the current cutting edge in collectibles. Fusing Ethereum blockchain technology with digital art, NFTs allow collectors to be the publicly verifiable owner of a piece of that art.

NFT edition sizes are dictated by their creators, and only that predetermined number will ever be minted/purchasable. In the case of Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K, the edition size is 1. Therefore, only 1 person can ever truly own Arman Kendrick’s first NFT.


Though yes, you can simply download unlimited copies of the video/gif/jpeg to your device, true and verifiable ownership can only go to the one person, as logged on the Ethereum blockchain ledger. Ya know, just crypto things.

Just like any other collectible, once an NFT has seen its primary sale, it can then be resold by its owner. Where NFTs differ from classic collectibles and art, however, is that artists receive a cut of all secondary sales (usually 10%). In that way, every single sale in a NFT’s lifetime directly benefits the original creator. See? Flippers aren’t always bad. 😉

So what about the Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K NFT?

Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K is Arman Kendrick’s NFT genesis, created in collaboration with us, Invasion Toys!

Kumatsuki is likely Kendrick’s most signature character, and is a protagonist of the Tako Jimbo Universe. Typically appearing as 3-inch and 8-inch resin sculpts, this Kumatsuki NFT is a 24k gold version that only exists in digital space.

arman kendrick fortune kumatsuki front view

This NFT is an edition of 1 and is currently up for auction in the Foundation NFT marketplace. Anyone with a free MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet can bid on Kumatsuki, so long as they have enough Ethereum (ETH) to cover the cost of the bid, plus “gas” (crypto transaction fee).

For a complete guide on bidding in Foundation, check their guide here.

For help and info on MetaMask and ETH, click here.

Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24K is currently sitting with a bid of 0.50 ETH (~$900). It will remain open until 11pm CST tonight. ETH HODLers can bid here.

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