‘Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear Ver. Faux Jade,’ Arman Kendrick’s Last Non One-Off Resin Kumatsuki Drop April 30th

Arman Kendrick’s Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear Ver. Faux Jade to be the last ever resin Kumatsuki

It’s a bittersweet day in the Tako Jimbo Universe, as Arman Kendrick has just announced the next and final resin variant of his masterless ursine warrior: Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear Ver. Faux Jade. This is the last Kumatsuki variant that will have an edition size greater than one.

You may remember Arman Kendrick as the artist behind Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear- Ver. 24k, his first NFT we helped bring into existence, via Foundation, the NFT marketplace. You may also remember Kumatsuki, from Kendrick’s Kumatsuki Festival, where he released a small horde of incredible variants.

Sold for 0.50 ETH

Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear Ver. Faux Jade promises to be no less incredible. With a subtly marbled green and white colorway, this bear of modelled after Chinese jade, which in Southeast Asian culture can be a celestial stone of high status, heavenly beings, and even immortality.

Releasing in just over a week, and in collaboration with Terrence Chua, Jade Kumatsuki may be the last batch of the resin bears, but Kendrick promises a “bigger announcement to follow on the following days ahead.”

takojimbo universe characters

We don’t know exactly he’s hinting at, but perhaps it has something to do with the remaining warriors of the Tako Jimbo Universe.

Kumatsuki The Ronin Bear Ver. Faux Jade will stand at an impressive 8 inches tall. It is all resin, with an edition size of just 10 units. Each comes with an interchangeable Commander Porkchop head.

All Kumatsuki to be released after this drop will be customs and one-offs.

The drop will be first come, first served, via online form posted on his Facebook page. The form will go up on April 29 @ 11pm CST / April 30 @ 12pm Philippines time. Each Kumatsuki will retail for 15,000 PHP (~$310 USD).

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