‘FORTUNE KUMATSUKI,’ by Arman Kendrick x Full Metal Empire to Kick Off February’s ‘Kumatsuki Festival’!

FORTUNE KUMATSUKI to be the first drop of Arman Kendrick’s Kumatsuki Festival

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Earlier this week, Arman Kendrick and Full Metal Empire revealed mouth-watering detail shots of FORTUNE KUMATSUKI, the latest addition to Kendrick’s Tako Jimbo Universe. Not content with simply making us drool a little (okay, a lot), Kendrick also announced the first ever Kumatsuki Festival, which will be rife with Kuma one-offs.

You may remember Arman Kendrick from our coverage of FOXY: RELOADED and the HER TURN: Mariko Custom Exhibition, but when the artist isn’t busy adding his flavor to existing platforms, he’s churning out pieces of his own design. Enter: the Tako Jimbo Universe, home of Tako Jimbo, Kumatsuki, Ayo, and Jin.

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Kumatsuki the Ronin Bear is, well, a ronin bear. He’s loveable, yet badass; chunky, yet stronk. And his latest iteration adds a bit of bling to the equation, with that black and gold armor. An instant classic! And luckily for fans, the wait for these won’t be long.

Pre-orders for FORTUNE KUMATSUKI will open February 1 @ 9pm PHST / 7am CST.

They are all-resin, all hand-painted by the artist, and are limited to just 10 pieces. More details (price, etc.) as they come!

arman kendrick fortune kumatsuki belly detail

Kumatsuki Festival is coming!

According to Kendrick, FORTUNE KUMATSUKI is “the bearer of good fortune and the harbinger of luck, [who] will defend its proud owner from misfortune!

Well not only that, but this Kuma is also the harbinger of the first ever Kumatsuki Festival, which will celebrate the month that Kumatsuki was born, about ten years ago in February 2020.

In honor of this birth month, Kendrick is releasing eight shogun one-offs, “and some special surprises along the way“! Six shoguns will be “off-scale,” while two will be regular sized. Hopefully that means 8 inches, like the larger of the OG Kumatsuki.

That’s all the info we have for now! We’ll bring you more as details are revealed.

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