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Alohacon 2021 Welcomes 5thTurtle on His Maiden Voyage to Hawaii!

Just what does 5thTurtle have in store for Alohacon attendees?

Hawaii. The ideal vacation location. With the beautiful beaches and lush rainforests, what more could you want? How about a local convention with a bunch of exclusive toys?! Enter: From The Heart‘s Alohacon!  

Alohacon is one of the most exclusive shows in the scene!  Featuring a handful of artists from around the world, this year’s show is bound to have people drooling, especially since it will feature the one and only 5thTurtle, who is packing heat! Let’s take a look at what he’s bringing with him to Honolulu!

1. Luna Catnip

Luna Catnip, a collaboration between 5thTurtle and Wetworks, makes us forget that old tale about black cats being unlucky!  Cast in black resin with a white glow skull, Luna Catnip is sure to make all the other cats jealous.  There are even hints of a chase in the litter! 

Luna Catnip will be an edition of 25 but only 20 will be at the show. The remaining 5 will be released by Wetworks at a later date!

2. Hawaiian Sunset Angie

Hawaiian Sunset Angies bring an amazing splash of color that truly lives up to their namesake.  Just looking at the eye-catching pink slowly melt into the blue double-cast spines takes all the stresses of the day away.  The Hawaiian Sunset Angie is an edition of 30!

3. High Tide Chunk

A 360 view at High TIde Chunk!

What more appropriate a place for High Tide Chunk to debut than Hawaii?!  Cast in a blue that is almost as clear as the ocean, High Tide Chunk is ready to jump off the cliff at Waimea BayHigh Tide Chunk will be an edition of 10.

4. Radioactive Nogit

Radioactive Nogits is the first collaboration between 5thTurtle and Creon Chkn Head, and it’s sure to ruffle some feathers! The first of its kind, this Nogit is double-cast, so you can see that they as hard on the inside as he is on the outside!  Make sure to wear your protective gear as this guy’s glow is insane! 

Radioactive Nogit will be an edition of 25, with 20 at the show and 5 being released by Creon Chkn!

5. Kind Kaiju

Kind Kaijus were introduced earlier this year to an immediate sell out, but 5thTurtle has you covered, Hawaii!  This is the first full-size Kind Kaiju, coming in at 4 inches and cast in multiple glow pieces!  The Kind Kaiju is bearing its heart to any attendee who can catch it, as it is only an edition of 10!

6. Zombie Angie Set

The big (and boy is she big) finale is an auction set that will be sold only at the Artist Night Out Dinner held on Thursday, June 24!  Tickets are long sold out, and only attendees will get the chance to bid on this three-piece set. This will contain a Zombie Mini Angie, Zombie Standard Angie, and Zombie Angie XL!  We’ve also heard that dinner attendees are in store for some other surprises as well! 🤫

There’s definitely more in store, both from 5thTurtle and the other contributing artists (Gori, Wetworks, Creon Chkn, Tanavit23, to name a few).

Alohacon starts June 27 @ 3 pm Hawaii time at the From The Heart brick and mortar location. If you’re in the area, definitely check this one out! If not, well… it’s probably not too late to buy a plane ticket, right?

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