‘Jelilo’ the jellyfish! An Up-Close Look at Lesdoublewood’s Cnidarian Knight

Jelilo the jellyfish has entangled our imagination!

Hello Jelilo! Created by Lesdoublewood (real name Lester Lim) and launched by gagatree designer group, this creature is a 13 cm tall vinyl figure that gives a stunning first impression.

Jelilo’s perfectly arranged tentacles blossom like the petals of a sunflower, while his inquisitive expression peeks through his rivetted hull, alluding to a story behind that tough exterior.

Jelilo U23 and F55 Model
Jelilo U23 and F55

The beauty and unique flair of the jellyfish may have been overlooked by some, but its essence and heart have been captured by the Singaporean artist Lester Lim. In his charming rendition of the ocean’s quiet resident, Lim showcases a soft bodied creature with an edgy, steampunk style.  

We reached out to Lim, and he was kind enough to give some insight into the creation of his delightful character. He explained his love for this creature and the plight of the vulnerable jellyfish.

While it may fall prey to many other ocean inhabitants, Lim has kindly come to its rescue. In a most poetic way, he has fashioned Jelilo a suit of armour, and Jelilo’s steely exterior has had a few different looks and paint jobs already.

The all new Jelilo F28 Squadron colourway, for example, is now available at various designer toy shops. With only 100 made, this release will sell out quick!

jelilo f28 squadron
Jelilo F28 Squadron

The Jelilo F28 Squadron has a gorgeous shade of teal green paired with a light grey helmet. Throwing in some orange accents, Lim seems to be hinting at his favorite color.  

Concluding our discussion with Lim, he mentioned that the darker the ocean becomes, the brighter a jellyfish will glow. Just the same, Jelilo is a mascot for the resilient, a symbol of inner brilliance and strength.

We look forward to following this jellyfish journey and seeing what other unique creations come from Lester Lim and gagatree!   

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