‘Fuji Ballballbird’ — a Super Exclusive 12 Piece Run by 78jo Is Available Now!!

An adorable winter wonder-bird by 78jo— the new ‘Fuji Ballballbird

Winter is a time for balls and baubles, so it’s the perfect time for artist 78jo to release the newest in the unbelievably adorable Ballball collection — Fuji Ballballbird! Readers may recognize 78jo as the genius mind and hands behind the Ballballfish family, which in turn have recently received a wondrous custom treatment from the illustrious Jessica Emmett.

all 12 exclusive fuji ballballbird by 78jo
The dozen still available Fuji Ballballbird.

The Fuji Ballballbird uses the same design as the previously released (and immediately sold out) Yellow Ballballbird. The design is based on the cockatiel parrot, complete with round rosy cheeks and a signature feathered hair flip. 

Yellow Ballballbird and yellow cockatiel parrot
The Yellow Ballballbird and the Ballballbird spokesperson, a yellow cockatiel parrot.

While the first Ballballbird was made to mimic the bright color pallet of a real cockatiel, the Fuji Ballballbird dips into the whimsical with it’s cool blue color scheme. The body is an almost icy transparent blue with a snow-capped head to mimic the look of the iconic Mount Fuji. The result is an icy aesthetic that will warm your heart in even the coldest weather.

specially painted fuji ballballbird
A few Fuji Ballballbird have a special “my hand slipped again” painting pattern- super exclusive!!

The Fuji Ballballbird is set to premier at the D2 event this weekend, and is incredibly exclusive— only 12 are available! Be sure to message 78jo on Instagram or Facebook and get yours while you can!

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