7 LEGO Star Wars Items That Are Uncomfortably Valuable Today

You’ll definitely need the Force to land some of these LEGO Star Wars legends

LEGO is the world’s most valuable toy brand by far, with a brand revenue of $6.6B (second place goes to Bandai Namco, with $1.9B), and LEGO Star Wars has been among their top 3 best-performing themes during the last decade.

This, of course, only refers to primary sales; but as professional collectors, we all know the real head-spinning money comes out in the aftermarket. With LEGO Star Wars being the intersection of two of the world’s greatest franchises, it’s not surprising that rare and out-of-print sets can command ridiculous sums of money.

Here are 7 LEGO Star Wars toys that do just that. Keep in mind, the value of the rarer, unobtainable items are a bit speculative, as previous sales are rare or nonexistent.

7) UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (10030)

There is nothing quite as imposing in the Star Wars universe as the Imperial Star Destroyer. This beefy Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set came with over 3000 pieces and retailed for $270 in 2002 (about $400 today, adjusted for inflation).

At the time the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer was LEGO’s largest set, and as these things go, the price has risen considerably since then! Nowadays, you can find sealed copies of this edition for $1,600 to $2,000 and up.

6) Toy Fair 2005 V.I.P. Gala Darth Vader set (TF05-1)

Love them or hate them, the prequels sure did send a chill down our spines when Anakin Skywalker drew his first breath as the iconic Darth Vader!

According to some sources, only 55 of these were ever made, therefore it comes as no shock that this Toy Fair exclusive is so rare, you’ll have a tough time finding any sellers. Estimated value of this set is over $2,700.

5) UCS Death Star II: Original Trilogy Edition (10143)

The only thing meaner than the Imperial Star Destroyer is almost certainly the moon Death Star! An iconic symbol of the Empire, the 2005 UCS Death Star II, is worth a lot of money today. You can expect to see sealed copies of the Original Trilogy Edition go for $2,500 and up!

4) George Lucas Minifigure prototype(s)

The LEGO George Lucas Minifigure is an item with its own mythos. Originally only appearing in page 89 of the LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, a genuine copy surfaced some time in 2010.

For whatever reason, LEGO never went on to mass-produce this minifig, and the amount of existing prototypes is completely unknown. One reportedly sold for $5,000 in 2013, and another (or the same one?) was apparently listed on eBay in 2020 for a measly $22,500.

3) 14 Karat Gold Boba Fett Minifigure set

sterling silver and solid gold boba fett framed set

Have you ever wanted to take home metal minifigs? Well if you have, you might as well go for gold (or silver)! Originally created as 2010 promo items, the only two sets ever produced and were given away at Celebration V and San Diego Comic Con.

The price of the set is basically incalculable, with the 14k Gold Boba Fett alone earning the Guinness World Record for the most valuable LEGO Minifigure ever. They value 14k Gold Boba at exactly $11,495.95, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they’d fetch much more.

Apparently, a framed set popped up on Craigslist in 2010, to somewhat disastrous results. More on that here.

2) UCS Millennium Falcon (10179)

Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Series 10179
Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Series

This one has garnered quite a reputation for being pricey! Originally released in 2007, the UCS edition of Lando Han Solo‘s trusted bucket of bolts was expensive from the get-go, retailing for $500 (~$640 adjusted for inflation).

Not to be confused with the updated 2017 Millennium Falcon 75192, 10179 is worth considerably more than its younger twin. In 2014, a sealed and slabbed first edition auctioned in Las Vegas for just $15,000. Since the 2017 rerelease, prices have come down a bit, but today you’ll still be looking to spend $2,500 and up for a sealed one.

1) 14k Gold C-3PO Minifigure

Taking top honors on our list of uncomfortably valuable LEGO Star Wars items is the 2007 14k Gold C-3PO. An edition of 5, these sparkly protocol droids went out to various sweepstakes winners in celebration of the Star Wars 30th Anniversary, and have since popped up a few times along the way.

Much like 14k Boba Fett, the value of this 3PO variant is anyone’s guess, but one auctioned for $65,100 in 2019, and another one surpassed $70,000 in 2017, and you can have #4 of 5 today for a quick €1M.

Check out this post for another great write up on this minifig.

So what do you think, are there any notable ones we’ve missed? Let us know!

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