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7 Influential Designer Toys You Didn’t Know Were Sculpted by Oasim Karmieh

We look back over some of the brilliant collaborations you didn’t know were sculpted by Karmieh!

Artist and sculptor Oasim Karmieh may just be the designer toy industry’s best kept secret. Buy beyond his own awesome works of art, Karmieh has been the invisible talent behind many of today’s most popular indie sculpts. To that end, here are 7 influential designer toys you didn’t know were sculpted by the man himself.

1) Vampire George

Karmieh Vampire George Tara McPherson Custom Toy Collaboration Promo Shot

Perhaps none other exemplified the phrase ‘bringing art to life’ quite like Karmieh’s collaboration with Tara McPherson. Based on McPherson’s artwork from 2007, Karmieh brought Vampire George to life, while brilliantly capturing the spirit of the original piece. The sculpt projects Vampire George exactly as he is in the original artwork, so it like he’s been pulled straight out of the page. Vampire George has gone on to be a recurring hit for McPherson!

2) Dirty Snow

Karmieh inprimewetrust Dirty Snow Custom Toy Collaboration

Karmieh hasn’t shied away from sexier pieces either! Based on the design by In Prime We Trust, the pair created the affectionately-named Dirty Snow. The design does a great job of modernising parts of the Snow White story. Note the poison apple spray can! Karmieh’s sculpt depicts Disney’s Snow White undressing with the spray can’s paint making it more family friendly. It’s creative, funny, and transitions brilliantly from In Prime We Trust’s original design.

3) Nurse Marge

Karmieh Nurse Marge Alex Strangler and Jad Dovey Custom Toy Collaboration

Back to the pop culture, we look at Nurse Marge by Alex Strangler and Jad Dovey, which is based off The Simpsons‘ Marge Simpson and Blink-128‘s Enema of The State album cover. The sculpt transitioned brilliantly from the sticker and pin design into the 3-D format. It is certainly one of a kind!

4) Mini Kid Katana

Karmieh Mini Kid Katana & Kid Katana 2PetalRose

2petalrose needs little introduction, as the artist has grown a huge following for his incredible samurai designer toys. But just like the rest in this list, Karmieh was the sculptor behind Kid Katana.

5) Hondo

Karmieh Hondo 2PetalRose Promo

Sticking with 2PetalRose, you may not have known that Karmieh sculpted an updated Hondo! The sculpting detail for the armour layers was particularly incredible, with a realistic look. This particular version was a Toy Con UK exclusive piece, but it was a memorable one due to the level of detail in the sculpting and painting!

6) KUB

Karmieh KUB Mike Fudge Table

KUB has seen all sorts of renditions over recent years. Based off of the artwork by Mike Fudge, Karmieh is the incredible sculptor behind many of the KUB versions we see today. Fudge has gone on to collaborate with other creators including Quiccs. KUB has been met with a lot of support and strong sell outs!

7) TEQ63 Ravager

Karmieh Quiccs Ravager TEQ 63 Bust Table

Speaking of Quiccs, Karmieh sculpted the original TEQ63 Ravager bust back in 2018! This sculpt has since gone on to be a juggernaut on the designer toy scene. We’ve seen other variations of the Ravager pop up over the years, and we owe it to Karmieh, who did an excellent job of bringing the concept to life.

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