7 Tips For The Perfect Designer Toy Display

7 tips for creating the perfect designer toy collection display

Are you a gamer? An avid collector? A trinket enthusiast? No matter what rocks your boat, there’s one thing you should be absolutely proud of: your toy collection. But any collector—whether expert or amateur—needs to find the perfect toy collection display.

tj collects kidrobot kaws and other toys

Why should you make a toy collection display?

The answer is simple: a toy collection is something worth showing off! It takes years of painstaking search for the perfect toy, assertive decision-making to take advantage of one-time offers, and building up your preferred character troupe.

It’s like showing off a trophy collection. Same as for any retired sports fan, your trophies (AKA your toys) are also the result of your time and effort. Plus, all those limited-edition collectibles and hard-won trinkets are not only worth a pretty penny, but also are extremely beautiful to look at. They deserve a display worthy of their beauty. 

Now that you know why you need to display your toy collection, it’s time to find out how you go about displaying your toy collection proudly. Here are 7 tips to help you create the perfect toy collection display:

1. Take Inventory

1000toys synthetic human figure with miniature display
1000toys’ Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human

The first step to displaying your collection is understanding just how big your collection is. How many toys do you have? And more importantly, how many of them do you want to display? Now that you have that number in mind, you can move on the next tip.

2. Plan Ahead

You know how many toys you want to put out for display. To accomplish that, you need to plan. Do you only need a shelf? A whole bookshelf? An entire room? Maybe the guest house next door? Will your toy display live spread out throughout your house, or will you have a special room reserved just for your toys? Anything is possible. It’s just a matter of planning out your design and gathering the materials you need, whether it’s just a couple of shelves that need to be drilled on your wall or if it’s stacking a room full of specialized display furniture. Be sure to also measure how much space you want to keep in between toys —this will help you build a better plan and get everything you need.

3. No Backdrops

Joey dukes photography gundam sandrock with black background
Gundam Sandrock By joeydukesphotography

Backdrops are amazing for portrait photography. For a toy collection display, not so much. A colorful backdrop can distract from the beauty of your collectibles, taking away part of the experience. Keep it simple with a black or white background that will help bring out your toy’s uniqueness.

4. Lighting Is Your Friend

The right lighting can help you look your best on any picture. It’s the same for your toys – lighting can complement your entire collection and help bring out the most important parts of your toy collection display. Also, walking into a room with an amazing collectible that’s lit up in just the right way is simply magical. 

5. Protect Valuables Behind Glass

pluteus and other toys in the glass toy collection display
Pluteus and other figures in their glass toy collection display

You wouldn’t have your MVP trophy just lying around anywhere, would you? The same goes for extremely valuable toy collectibles. Keep them behind glass for an extra layer of protection. This will also help emphasize them as extra-special toys, particularly if you add a light inside to make it pop.

6. Mix & Match Or Pick a Theme

It’s your house, your collection, and your toys. This means that you get to choose how you want to build your display collection. If you have several themes among your toy collection, you can choose to display all the Pokémon figurines together, an entire shelf just for comic book action figures, or mash all of your collectible cards inside a frame regardless of their origin. Curate some, blend others! The important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and bring your collection to life.

7. Keep It Clean

Less is more

This last one may be the hardest if you’re an avid toy collector. If you have too many toys, it may be harder to keep your collection from looking cluttered. But trust us – a clean, simple collection is the best way to let each and every toy shine. So give every toy collectible the space it deserves.

Following these tips will turn you an expert on how to display collectible toys. If you’re looking to expand your current collection to up your display game, we have just the thing. From resin toys and vinyl figures, to action figures and even Pokémon, we have all the types of collectible toys you need. Browse our shop and pick your new favorite toy for your display collection.

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