5 Collectibles Perfect for the Spooky Season

Here are 5 designer toys that will leave you howling!

A true collector knows that the spooky aesthetic isn’t just for Halloween. While the autumn season does bring with it a sense of thrills and chills, the appreciation of ghosts, gourds, and ghouls doesn’t have to be limited to October 31st. Here’s a list of creepy collectibles that can be enjoyed all year round.

1. czee13’s Pumpkids

The 3 Pumpkid variants as featured in the retro-styled ad.

This trippy trio of pumpkin figures is an incredible collab of artist and sculptor czee13 and Clutter Magazine. Each Pumpkid has an incredible 3D sculpt, a style that includes a shirt that any punk would rock, and even glow in the dark details. If you’re one of the cool kids, the Pumpkids are a perfect pick.

And lucky for us, we at Invasion Toys will have a small stock of the Trick or Treat and Play to Death variants for sale soon! More details to follow!

2. Frank Montano’s Lil J

Both the hand-painted and glow in the dark versions of Lil J.

Lil J is a slick and adorably proportioned figure by Frank Montano, the sculptor behind Feast Life. This figure is based on everyone’s favorite goaltender-masked killer, Jason. Lil J has two variants— one with immaculately painted details, and one with a stunning glow in the dark finish. Even if you’re a bit too scared of Friday the 13th, Lil J is one cute find.

3. Yoyo-Zintears’ Mr. Gingi and John

Mr. Gingi sporting their new cauldron headgear while hat John looks on.

While all variations of this adorable button-eyed ghost are inherently ghastly, Gingi the Witch is the spookiest of them all. This delightful addition to the Mr. Ginji and John series by artist Yoyo-Zintears features John the Dead Fox as a fashionable witch hat for Ginji to don. It also includes a beautifully sculpted cauldron which acts as a prop, a display stand, or even a replacement hat. Gingi the Witch truly is the perfect combination of creepy and cute to round out any collection.

4. Alex Pardee’s Cornelius

The special melting edition of the cursed candy corn Cornelius.

Artist Alex Pardee is a master of surreal and often horrifying artwork, and the demonic candy Cornelius is no exception to his eerie aesthetic. This cursed candy corn has a few color variants, the most off-putting of them being the exclusive MELTING addition. With ghastly details like petrifyingly-empty eyes and hauntingly-gnarled teeth, this creepy candy is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Uhh, Sure Monsters’ Crystal Harvest Kaviti

A Crystal Harvest Kaviti standing amongst its family

This pumpkin-themed version of the Kaviti series by Uhh, Sure Monsters really glows— and in more ways than you’d think. These brilliantly-designed vinyl monsters are painted internally, letting their incredible details truly glow. The Crystal Harvest Kaviti also light up brilliantly under black light, giving them a truly luminous flare. Despite their ghoulish appearance, these crystalline Kaviti are perfect for everyone, even those afraid of the dark.

Did you get a chance to cop one of the toys above? Have suggestions on others spooky toys? Leave a comment below!

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