The Kings and Queens of Creepy — 5 Macabre Toy Artists You Need in Your Life!

Pluck Some Inspiration From Our Macabre Artists Picks!

Halloween might be over, but our love of creepy will never die! And if you’re here, you probably feel the same way. But now you’ve hit a wall. You are a toy collecting fanatic, but you’re also a fan of the more, shall we say dark and moody? Well look no further, as today we will be delving into part one of our picks for the macabre toy artists you need in your life!

1) Motley Miscreations

Motley Miscreations has some of the most sinister but still vibrant and cute collectibles out there. They are colorful enough to brighten up the room whilst still appealing to your Addams Family side. Likewise, they’re not too flashy and grotesque to freak out your loved ones! Check out our top Motley Miscreations picks!

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2) Luke Chueh

You may be asking why Luke Chueh is on this list when he creates adorable, lovable bears. This is true, but he’s also taken a morbid spin on more than a few pieces! We like how they aren’t excessively gory or scary, so they are great if you want them to blend in with the cute side of your display case. Chueh’s pieces are definitely more on the quirky side of macabre.

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3) WUJI Toys

Wuji Toys may be best known for their macabre Wickey series! The Wickeys are perfect again for those who don’t want something too bold or flashy, say if you’ve got children. They are also ideal if you love a bit of Disney, but want a collectible that is a bit more in line with your spooky side!

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4) Kiki Kurumi

This mother and daughter duo certainly specialise in strange and cutesy figures. These pieces are ideal if you want something in the fantasy genre, as a lot of Kiki Kurumi‘s sculpts revolve around forest and earthy themed designs.

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Instagram: instagram.com/kurumi_kodama/

5) Mighty Jaxx

When you think of Might Jaxx, macabre may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But some of their pieces and collaborations have leaned towards the strange and dark humored side. These pieces are generally a bit more bold. The only downside is that Mighty Jaxx pieces sell out like wildfire, so make sure you check for announcements so you don’t miss out!

There we are! That is part 1 of our picks for macabre artists, let us know your favorite! Check it out Part 2 here!

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