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15 Amazing Designer Toys You Can Still Buy RIGHT NOW!

These 15 designer toys are incredible AND still in stock!

15 Designer Toys You can Still Buy feature image

Here is a quick run through of 15 absolutely killer designer toys that are still readily available right now! Why have we made this list? Because we are thoughtful like that!

We just thought we’d best let you know about these toys just in case you didn’t already know about them, completely forgot about them, or need to know where to purchase them. FOMO is real, guys. You’re welcome.

1. Pluteus — Zeptiror x 6Forest Toys

Zeptiror X 6 Forest Toys - Pluteus product shot
Zeptiror X 6 Forest Toys – Pluteus

“Do you remember the famous ghosts of Christmas past? Due to their recent apparition, other ghosts have dared venture into this realm and are revealing themselves. Lately, some seriously inebriated people claim to have encountered apparitions who encouraged them to keep partying… they call themselves the Hangover Ghosts and they are here to stay! Available now from 6Forest Toys.

2. I See Colours — Tony Riff x Unruly Industries

Tony Riff X Unruly Industries - I See Colours product shot
Tony Riff X Unruly Industries – I See Colours

The world isn’t always so black and white, so introduce some pigment to your perspective! Tony Riff’s limited edition I See Colour puts beauty in the eye of the beholder, as classic cartoon style meets a violent splash of rainbow sensibility. Available now from Unruly Industries.

3. Baja Blue Kali Kolor Kranky — Sket One x Superplastic

Sket One X Superplastic - Baja Blue Kali Kolor Kranky detail
Sket One X Superplastic – Baja Blue Kali Kolor Kranky

Complexity is something we all strive for, right? Nah, keep it simple, mate! The first of the new Kali Kolor Kranky by Sket One x SUPERPLASTIC launched last year at ComplexCon, and is now available for those that missed out from The Toy Chronicle.

4. Flabjacks – Banana Boo

Flabjacks - Banana Boos - Sleepy Pants promo image
Flabjacks – Banana Boos – Sleepy Pants

Is it a banana? A duck? A banana duck?? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely cute af! Limited to 140pcs and available now from Strangecat Toys.

5. Dhy Guy — X. Reyeh x Looming Doom

X.Reyeh X Looming Doom - Dhy Guy Product Shot
X. Reyeh X Looming Doom – Dhy Guy

Is that someone following you? Can you smell the subtle artisan tobacco? If you can, then the collector is near, and you—yes you—can be the first and probably only person you know to have one of this limited edition series. Prepare yourself for the silky smooth Dhy Guy (not to be confused with a shy guy), designed by X. Reyeh and produced by Looming Doom Toys. Available now from Tenacious Toys and Looming Doom.

6. Invasion Of Carbine — CHK DSK (Invasion Toys Exclusive)

CHK DSK - Invasion Of Carbine (Invasion Toys Exclusive) Product Shot
CHK DSK – Invasion Of Carbine (Invasion Toys Exclusive)

Sometimes the bad guys are simply that much cooler than the good guys, and Invasion of Carbine is no different! Add TEQ63‘s Bulletpunk nemesis to your collection today. Invasion of Carbine is 3 inches tall and made of resin. Each piece is hand made and painted by CHK DSK, exclusively available from Invasion Toys.

7. Otomo MicroTEQ — Quiccs

Quiccs - Otomo Micro TEQ detail
Quiccs – Otomo MicroTEQ

You got the 6 inch version and the 12 inch version, and now you can have the 3 inch Otomo MicroTEQ as well! Otomo MicroTEQ is limited worldwide. Available now from The Toy Chronicle.

8. Devilo Erectus — Mist

Devilo Erectus - Black Mist detail
Devilo Erectus – Black Mist

Bright and monochrome at the same time, and so more refined than usual. We find that the fluid lines and angular spikes make the Devilo Erectus a Mist signature. Available now from artoyz.

9. Master 9 Eyes Daytoner X Purearts

Daytoner X Purearts - Master 9 eyes 30cm resin and 15cm vinyl Promo shot
Daytoner X Purearts – Master 9 eyes Resin and Vinyl Version

PureArts introduces its very first designer art toy, Master 9 Eyes, in collaboration with concept artist Daytoner! This original character, a futuristic, chunky samurai, is the perfect blend of both a badass character with perfectly designed shapes. His overall look is completed by his puffed jacket and stylish  katana backpack. All editions and colourways are available now from PureArts.

Read our unboxing and review and grab your 1/12 vinyl edition from Invasion Toys today!

10. Astro Crash — Josh Divine

Astro Crash by Josh Devine outside
Josh Devine – Astro Crash

Is there life after a system reset? Josh Divine explores that question with his all new Astro Crash vinyl figure. Standing 9 inches tall, Japan’s greatest superhero examines the reality of technology and the possibility of life after a motherboard crash. Available now from Collect and Display.

11. Mad Spraycan Mutant: Fortress Edition — Jeremy MadL x Quiccs

Martian Toys X jeremy MadL X Quiccs Fortress Edition Detail with box
Martian Toys X Jeremy MadL X Quiccs – Fortress Edition

Jeremy Madl‘s rattlin’ 8 inch vinyl Mad Mutant Spraycan: Fortress Edition is here to tower over your vinyl, dominate your walls and remind you who’s boss. He even comes with a second pair of shoes! Available now from Invasion Toys.

12. Bloody Ahwroo — Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman X 3DRetro - Bloody OG Awhroo detail
Gary Baseman – Bloody OG Awhroo

Gary Baseman is one of our favorites, and his original vinyl beast, Ahwroo, is still in-stock in the original drippy colourway! Available now from Collect and Display.

13. Bison Van — Jeremy Fish X 3DRetro

Jeremy Fish - Bison Van outside
Jeremy Fish – Bison Van

San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish presents his latest creation, The Bison Van. The van is approximately 25cm long and 15cm high. The bison’s head is flocked and through the windows we find the Silly Bunnies, dear to Jeremy Fish. Available now from artoyz.

14. Little Oddy — Iky

One of our favorite up-and-coming artists from the last year, Iky has gone on to produce a family of resin Oddies perfect for every collection. With an edition size of just 25, Little Oddy Blue/Black and Little Oddy Red (100% Invasion Exclusive) are both available now from Invasion Toys.

15. Dissected Mister HellYeah — MAMAFAKA x Jason Freeny

MAMAFAKA X Mighty Jaxx - Dissected Mister HellYeah white edition detail
MAMAFAKA X Jason Freeny X Mighty Jaxx – Dissected Mister HellYeah white edition

What happens when the iconic Mister HellYeah by MAMAFAKA meets Jason Freeny? You get Dissected Mister HellYeah! An updated design of Mister HellYeah with a new headband and skate shoes, this furry monster pays homage to street culture. Available now from Unruly Industries.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let FOMO consume you! Give in to your designer toy needs. We hope you liked this article, let us know down below if we helped, tempted, or persuaded you into treating yoself… again.

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