10 Pop Culture Giants In Designer Toy Form

Pop Culture’s Greatest Faces Get Redesigned

Inspiration comes in many forms! Here at Invasion Toys we’ve been wondering what the designer toy scene would be without inspiration from some of the most well known characters of all time.

Today’s list of pop-culture-giants-turned-designer-toy(s) will leave you pondering the same questions that we have been. So hold onto your seats and let the pop culture goodness wash over you. 

1. Boba Fett

We all know and love the space-cowboy bounty-hunter named Boba Fett, arguably one of the coolest characters of all time! Undoubtedly he has inspired toy artists across the globe. So lets take a look at a few fan favourites, old and new.

2. Spongebob

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well… you know the rest. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest renditions of our favourite poriferin, now turned designer toy.

3. Homer Simpson


What kind of list would this be without that yellow, beer drinking, donut eating, husband of the year every year, mister Homer Simpson! D’OH! One of the most respected animated men on our planet, artists just love to interpret this fella, and we love it when they do.

4. Mickey Mouse

Does this little fella really need any introduction? It’s Mickey Mouse! Here’s just a few of the awesome ‘inspired by Mickey’ pieces from some kick-ass artists over the years.

5. Banksy


That’s right, Banksy himself! The man of mystery has made it onto our list. He is a living pop culture giant, and he deserves the number 5 spot on this list.

6. Hellboy

hellboy illustration by mike mignola

The monster slaying, lady-loving, anxty big red child-like beast created by Mike Mignola comes in at number 6. A super cool character somehow made even cooler by these artists that have restyled him below.

7. Astro Boy

A Japanese animated icon that has infiltrated western cultures like a welcome plague! Astro Boy is awesome and his designer toy counterparts are too.

8. Super Mario


“It’s-a-me!” Well obviously Mario made it onto the list! Japan’s greatest Italian plumber is an absolute shelf space stealer and has been for years. People will never have enough Mario! But just in case, here are some awesome designer Marios to throw into the mix. 

9. Popeye


Spinach eating Popeye will f*** you up! No doubt. Popeye is a classic animated legend! Now living on through awesome figures by insanely talented artists and companies that have re-imagined or re-birthed Popeye into todays world.

10. Daft Punk


Harder, better, faster, stronger! France’s Daft Punk duo are among some of the most memorable characters due to their “secret” identity and robotic alter egos. So of course they have been re-imagined, re-interpreted, and re-designed by toy artists over the years. Let’s gaze our eyes upon some more designer toy magic for the last time in today’s article. 

So that’s that! 10 of Pop Cultures true legends turned into absolutely stunning designer toys. There are of course countless versions of all of the characters above, so if we missed one of your favourites, let us know down in the comments.

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